Slots Management

To standardize the process of requesting departure and landing times (slots) at all its airports, CCR Aeroportos follows good international practices and other rules for allocating infrastructure established in Resolution No. 338 and Ordinance No. 3,192 of the National Civil Aviation Agency - ANAC.

In addition, it strictly follows the calendar of activities published by ANAC and adopts the international message exchange standard, established in chapter 06 of the Standard Schedules Information Manual (SSIM) of the International Association of Air Transport Companies - IATA. In this way, all requests, whether for inclusion, alteration, or time deletion, must follow the SMA message standard.

Our official contact for processing slot messages is via e-mail:

For more information about this process at CCR Aeroportos, see the CCR Slots Rules and Management document.

If it is a request for General Aviation, access the Patio Reservation Form and complete it according to the instructions.