About the Airport

Palmas Airport, located in the capital of Tocantins, is about two hours from Parque do Jalapão, being the closest and the best access to one of the best-known tourist attractions in the state. The city also has several freshwater beaches, parks and waterfalls, museums, and historical monuments.

Microregion: Porto Nacional
Number of cities 11 | Population 404.000 | GDP R$ 13,6BI and part. 34,8% in the FU (Federative Unit) 
Source: IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) - current value for 2019


  • NAME: Aeroporto de Palmas - Brigadeiro Lysias Rodrigues
  • ADDRESS: Av. Teotônio Segurado, s/n, Plano Diretor Expansão Sul - CEP: 77061-900 - Palmas/TO
  • GROSS LEASABLE AREA (ABLC, in Portuguese): 574 m², representing 5.9% of the Passenger Terminal, distributed on the ground floor and 1st floor.
  • AIRPORT SITE: 7.887.135 m²
  • AIRCRAFT YARD - Yard 1: 34.473 m²  (commercial aviation) / Yard 2: 10.200 m² (general aviation)
  • AIRCRAFT PARKING: Yard 1: 4 positions C + 3 positions B  (commercial aviation) / Yard 2: 3 posições B + 10 positions A (general aviation)
  • PASSENGERS CAPACITY/YEAR: 2,1 million, approximately/year
  • TAXIWAY: 3 taxiways
  • VEHICLE PARKING: 260 spots


The 1980s
1988 - Dismembered from Goiás, the state of Tocantins was created by the Constitution of 1988. In May of the following year, the Pedra Fundamental of the city of Palmas was launched, the first historical monument erected in the municipality.

The 1990s
1997 - Infraero took over the administration of the provisional airport in 1997.
1999 - Construction of the new airport began in September 1999, and was completed in 2 years.

The 2000s
2001 - The new Palmas Airport was opened by Infraero on the 13th anniversary of Tocantins, on October 5, 2001. It was named after a great pioneer in the region, Brigadier Lysias Rodrigues, responsible for the foundation of the first airport in the state, Porto Nacional, located in the homonymous city.
2002 - In 2002, the airport received a Boeing 767-300 from British Airways, bringing the heir to the English throne, Charles Philip Arthur George, on an official visit to the state. The Prince of Wales stayed in the Tocantins for just 4 hours, turning the airport into an international one, for just one day.

The 2010s
2012 - The renovation was carried out to expand the departure lounge and the arrivals conveyor belt that year.
2014 - Aiming to modernize and equip the airport, in 2014, Infraero implemented the Elo Accessibility System and built the Cargo Logistics Terminal (TECA, in Portuguese) with a storage area of ​​500 m².

Source: Infraero

The 2020s
2021 - The 6th Round of Airport Concessions was carried out by the Federal Government, in which the Group CCR acquired the airports in the South and Central Groups, including Palmas Airport/TO.
2022 - Start of operations at CCR Aeroportos