Getting In and Out

Check out how to get to Petrolina International Airport in a practical and agile way.

Company: Coopertaxi
Location: Arrivals lounge
Working hours: 24h
Phones: +55 (87) 99196-0377 / +55 (87) 98832-8470
Website: -

Company: Viva Petrolina
Location/Departure: Public parking lot
Opening hours: Arrival:07:50am, 07:55am, 08:19am, 12:29pm, 1:19pm, 2:09pm, 5:29pm, 6:14pm e 7h35pm/Departure 07:30am, 07:55am, 08:20am, 12:30pm, 1:20pm, 2:10pm, 5:30pm, 6:25pm e 7:55pm
Phone: +55 (87) 3862-3700
Website: - 

Car rental
Company: Yes
Location/Departure: Boarding lounge
Phone: +55 (87) 3861-2882
Website: -

Company: Avis
Location: Arrivals lounge
Phone: +55 (87) 3866-7161
Website: - 
Company: Localiza
Location: Arrivals lounge
Phone: +55 (87) 3862-2788
Website: - 

Company: Movida
Location: Arrivals lounge
Phone: +55 (87) 3862-5470 / +55 (87) 98130-9594
Website: - 

  • From the airport you can go wherever you want:
  • 14-minute drive from Petrolina Waterfront
  • 15-minute drive from Petrolina Downtown
  • 15-minute drive to Oficina do Artesão Mestre Quincas
  • 15-minute drive from Parque Municipal Josepha Coelho
  • 16-minute drive from the Cemafauna Caatinga Museum
  • A 16-minute drive from Ilha do Sol Water Park
  • 17-minute drive from the Downtown of Juazeiro (BA)
  • 19-minute drive to the Monumento da Integração
  • A 20-minute drive from Petrolina Memorial Hospital
  • A 20-minute drive from Museu do Sertão
  • 21-minute drive to Senador Nilo Coelho Convention Center
  • 26-minute drive from Parque de Vaquejada JC
  • 35 minutes from Serrote do Urubu Ecological Park
  • A 45-minute drive from Rodeadouro Island