Getting In and Out

Check the airport access options.

Company: Cooperativa Cootaero
Location: Passengers Terminal
Hours of operation: 24h
Phone: +55 (86) 3225-2530

Car rental:

Company: Avis
Location: Passengers Terminal
Phone: +55 (86) 3214-3125

Company: Localiza
Location: Passengers Terminal
Telefone: +55 (86) 3223-5800

Company: Movida
Location: Passengers Terminal
Telefone: +55 (86) 3225-2274

Company: Unidas
Location: Passengers Terminal
Phone: +55 (86) 3214-4089

From the airport you can go wherever you want:

  • 8-minute drive from João Isidoro França Estaiada Bridge
  • 10-minute drive from Teresina Convention Center
  • 12-minute drive from Theatro 4 de Setembro
  • 12-minute drive from the Piauí Museum
  • 12-minute drive from São Paulo Hospital
  • 13-minute drive from  Estação Cidadania Park
  • 13-minute drive from São Benedito Parish
  • 13 minutes from Karnak Palace
  • 14-minute drive from Encontro dos Rios Environmental Park
  • 14-minute drive from Complexo Turístico Ponte Estaiada
  • 18-minute drive from Teresina Zoobotanical Park
  • 19-minute drive from Sucupira Environmental Park