About the Airport

Imperatriz Airport is the gateway to the southwest of Maranhão, one of the most populous and important tourist and cultural regions in the state. In addition to providing necessary access to the state's southwest region, the airport is the best option for those who want to visit Chapada das Mesas - known for its waterfalls, cave paintings, and enormous natural sculptures.

Microregion: Imperatriz
The number of cities 16 | Population 600 thousand | GDP R$ 12,3BI and part. 12,6%  in the UF (Federative unit)
Source: IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) - current value for 2019


  • NAME: Aeroporto de Imperatriz – Prefeito Renato Moreira
  • ADDRESS: Av. Moacyr Spósito Ribeiro, s/n - CEP:  65913-415
  • AIRPORT SITE: 2.918.069 m²
  • AIRCRAFT YARD: Yard 1 - 16.470 m² (general aviation)
  • AIRCRAFT PARKING: Yard 1:  1 position C + 3 positions C lower sitez + 6 position A (commercial aviation)
  • TAXIWAY: 2 taxiways
  • VEHICLE PARKING: 280 spots


The 1930s
1930 - The city of Imperatriz, at the end of the 1930s, was served by regular air transport using Junker seaplanes, operated by the Sindicato Condor.

The 1940s
1940 - Since the end of World War II, the first airport with a land runway entered into operation, located in the area currently occupied by various public bodies such as the Hospital Regional, the Universidade Federal, the Fórum de Justiça e the Colégios Graça Aranha e Dorgival Pinheiro de Sousa.

The 1950s
1950 - In March 1955, the airline Cruzeiro began operating at the airport, using DC-3 aircraft.

The 1960s
1960 - Until December 1967, the airport was regularly served by Real - Aerovias Brasil. In January 1968, Varig (Viação Aérea Rio-Grandense) began operating at the location, also with the DC-3 aircraft, with a frequency of two weekly flights. Studies from the late 1960s onwards indicated the need to build a new airport capable of serving modern aircraft and with better infrastructure conditions. An area located 5 kilometers from the city center was chosen.

The 1970s
1970 - The works of the new airport were carried out by the direct administration of the Comissão de Aeroportos da Região Amazônica - COMARA, by order and indemnity of the Primeiro Comando Aéreo Regional - I COMAR, and concluded on May 25, 1973.

The 1980s
1980 - On October 3, 1980, the airport became the technical, administrative, and operational jurisdiction of Infraero.

The 2000s
2000 - The official name - Imperatriz - Prefeito Renato Moreira Airport was given in 2003 in honor of a local politician who, in his second term in the city hall, was killed in a fruit stand at an open-air market.

The 2010s
2010 - In early 2011, with completion in 2012, the passenger terminal underwent a major renovation and expansion, increasing its area from 1,118 to 2,164 m².

Source: Infraero

The 2020s
2021 - The Federal Government holds the 6th Round of Airport Concessions, in which the CCR Group purchased the airports in the South and Central Groups, including Imperatriz/MA Airport.
2022 - Start of operations by CCR Aeroportos.