About the Airport

Joinville Airport serves the largest city in Santa Catarina, with 590 million inhabitants. The Joinville region is responsible for 18.3% of the state's GDP and is one of the most important industrial hubs in developing the South of the country. Located 11 kilometers from Downtown Joinville, the airport is one of the main vectors for developing business tourism in the region. With a multicultural influence, the city is one of the great tourist spots in the European Valley, with attractions that value the cultural heritage of its ancestors. In addition, it is the center of several events such as the Festa das Flores, Festa das Tradições and the renowned Festival de Dança, which annually brings together dancers from all over Brazil.

Microregion: Joinville
Number of cities 11 | Population 1MM | GDP R$ 59,1BI and part. 18,3% in the FU (Federative unit)

Source: IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) - current value for 2019


  • NAME: Aeroporto Lauro Carneiro de Loyola
  • ADDRESS: Avenida Santos Dumont, n° 9.000, Aventureiro - CEP: 89226-435 - Joinville/SC
  • GROSS LEASABLE AREA (ABLC, in Portuguese): 675 m², which represents 20.1% of the Passenger Terminal. It is distributed on the ground floor and 1st floor.
  • AIRPORT SITE: 1.669.203,97m²
  • AIRCRAFT YARD - Yard 1: 18.971 m²  (commercial aviation) / Yard 2: 4.687 m² (general aviation)
  • AIRCRAFT PARKING : Yard 1: 2 positions C +  e 3 positions C of lower size / Yard 2: 2 positions B (general aviation)
  • TAXIWAY: 2 taxiways
  • VEHICLE PARKING: 450 spots


Joinville Airport, located 13 kilometers from Downtown Joinville, handles thousands of passengers daily, mainly linked to business and event tourism. 

The city tourism is booming: thousands of people are attracted to the various festivities organized in Joinville throughout the year. According to IBGE 2014 estimates, the municipality has a population of 554,600 inhabitants and, based on 2012 data, a GDP of R$ 18.3 billion.

The 1930s
1930 - The Joinville Glider Club was founded in 1937, and its members were the pioneers of aviation in the city, creating, the following year, the Joinville Aeroclub.  At the end of the 1930s, the first airfield was built in the city, on Estrada Guilherme, which operated commercial aviation with the Stinson Reliant plane, from Aerolloyd Iguassu S.A., on the Curitiba-Florianópolis route.

The 1940s
1941 - In June 1941, the Ministry of Aeronautics inspection at the airfield on Estrada Guilherme found the location inadequate. In October, an area located in the Cubatão Grande region, about 15 km from the city, was chosen. A year later, the Joinville Aeroclub inaugurated its hangar in an area close to the headland, having a Piper Cub J-3 (PP-TNL) as its first aircraft.

The 1960s
1964 - In 1964, the executive branch of the municipality was authorized to donate to the Ministry of Aeronautics an area of ‚Äč‚Äčland located in the north of Joinville to construct the new Airport.

The 1970s
1972 - Joinville's first passenger terminal opened in 1972.
1974 - Joinville Airport gains new management, and several renovations are carried out, seeking to meet the growing demand of passengers.

The 1990s
1990 - The expansion of the passenger terminal and the apron, besides the creation of a new air-conditioned arrivals hall, were some of the main renovations carried out by Infraero during the period. The decade ends with the elaboration of a project to construct a new and modern passenger terminal for the city of Joinville.

The 2000s
2001 - In 2001, the pavement resurfacing works of the landing strip, taxi, and stop-way were completed. The following year, the new and modern equipment that makes up the automated Surface Meteorological Station (EMS, in Portuguese) arrives.
2002 - The Air Navigation operational units are transferred to the new facilities. The Joinville Control Tower (TWR-JV) was activated in the same year.
2004 - Joinville – Lauro Carneiro de Loyola Airport opened on March 8, 2004.

The 2010s
2013 -In 2013, the passenger terminal underwent a complete adaptation to improve accessibility. In 2014, the Instrument Landing System (ILS) was installed and approved, and the departure lounge was expanded.

Source: Infraero

The 2020s
2021 - The Federal Government holds the 6th Round of Airport Concessions, in which the Group and CCR purchased the airports in the South and Central Groups, including Joinville/S.C. Airport.
2022 - Start of operations by CCR Aeroportos