Passenger Guide

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The price of tickets for domestic or international flights began to be freely established by airlines as of 2001. In 2005, tariff freedom became a federal law (Law No. 11,182/2005).

The plane ticket price may vary depending on the sales channel used (internet, stores, airport counter, travel agencies).

Sales advertisements must show the total value of the plane ticket, including all the taxes and fees. So you will know the total cost of your trip immediately.

You will not be required to hire any optional services (travel insurance, comfort seat, and extra luggage, for example). Optional services can only be selected on the buyer's initiative, and their cost must be presented apart from the ticket price.

For refund of amounts paid for optional services, the contract rules apply.

At the time of ticket sales, airlines must disclose whether the baggage is included in the ticket price or whether it will be sold separately (depending on the fare profile). Thus, passengers can choose the fare that best suits their interests.

If checked baggage is purchased apart from the ticket, the airline must inform the service values ‚Äčat the time of ticket purchase. Passengers may purchase in advance (baggage together with the ticket) or at the time of check-in, remembering that the advance purchase may have a lower cost.

The inflight service may be included in the air ticket price or paid separately onboard the aircraft. This offer is a prerogative of the airline following its commercial strategy. If in doubt, consult the airline in advance.

All information about air transport services and their rules must be passed on by the airlines in Portuguese, clearly and objectively to the passenger, both in their physical stores and electronic addresses and by telephone. Always ask that these rules be passed on to you in writing.

The proof of purchase of the plane ticket must contain the following information: The total value of the air ticket, with a breakdown of its items; rules and possible fines; time for connecting and changing airports, if any; baggage transport rules and values; passenger's name and surname; time and date of travel; optionally purchased service(s) and product(s); procedures and time for passenger boarding; the expiry date of the ticket.

Please note that there may be a change of airports on your itinerary when connecting flights. The passenger always bears this displacement. In some cities, airlines offer complimentary shuttle bus transportation between airports. Please check with the airline in advance. Stay tuned!

When filling in the details to purchase the ticket, be extra careful not to make a mistake when filling in the name and personal information that will appear on your ticket. On domestic flights, you can request the error correction free of charge even before the issuance of your check-in receipt (online or in-person), but don't leave it to the last minute. If you notice any spelling mistakes, notify the airline immediately. Remember: the air ticket remains personal and non-transferable. On international flights, there may be a charge for the correction; the value is defined by the airline.

Do not be late! If you do not arrive at the airport at the stipulated time, the company may refuse to board. This fact may generate additional costs described in your contract of carriage. Remember that it is up to the carrier to specify the time for the passenger to come up for boarding. The boarding time is different from the flight time.

Passenger benefits and loyalty programs (mileage) are not regulated by ANAC. They represent a commercial relationship between the consumer and the company. However, the passenger who purchases the ticket through this means must have the same treatment as the others.

The airline may change the seat number previously selected by the passenger due to operational needs or a passenger needing special assistance who would prefer to stay in the seat. In this case, the passenger may be re-accommodated in another seat. It is also the option of the company to leave the choice free onboard without prior notice.

The airlines charge the boarding tax when the ticket is sold and transferred to the airport administration to maintain infrastructure and services. Some of the airport administration's responsibilities are runways, aircraft aprons, departure lounges, elevators, escalators, cleaning and sound, and air conditioning systems. The value is determined according to the category of the airport and the nature of the trip (domestic or international).

If you need to cancel or change your flight, you must contact the airline. The changes will be made according to the availability of flights. Additional costs may occur, provided for the rules of the ticket purchased.

Heads up! After 24 hours of purchasing your ticket, requests for flight rebooking or refund of the amount paid will be submitted to the contractual fine and payment of the fare difference, if applicable.

The refund or chargeback must be made within seven days from the date of the passenger's request. The reimbursement made by the company must observe the means of payment used in the purchase of the air ticket by the passenger.

If the passenger agrees, the refund can be made in credits for a new ticket acquisition. In this case, the airline must inform it by an official document. Be assured this following information will be described on it, such as validity and amount of the credits, allowance for the passenger's unrestricted use, and whether he/she may buy the tickets for himself/herself or third parties.

Boarding fees and taxes must always be refunded to the passenger who did not board. For rebooked tickets, airport fees and taxes paid may be used for the new boarding.

The validity of the plane ticket varies by airline and according to the contract of carriage. In cases where the carrier issues proof of airfare without a pre-defined date for use, the validity period will be one year, counted from the date of issue. Please be careful to make any request for a refund or change before the expiry of this period.

Contractual fines are applied only on the value of air transport services, never on airport fees and taxes paid.

According to the new rule, the fines charged when the passenger requests a rebooking, cancellation, or refund cannot be greater than the amount paid for the air ticket, even if it is promotional. The amounts paid for boarding fees and taxes cannot be included in the base amount of these fines.