About the Airport

Navegantes Airport is the second largest in Santa Catarina, and the main access gate to the Vale do Itajaí Region, consisting of 12 municipalities, with a GDP of R$ 49 Billion, corresponding to 15.3% of the GDP of Santa Catarina State. Besides this, it is located in a privileged region for those who wish to access the European Valley, especially Blumenau and Pomero and the beautiful beaches of Santa Catarina. One of the highlights is that Navegantes Airport is less than 20 minutes away from Beto Carrero World, the largest theme park in Latin America, and 34 minutes away from Balneário Camboriú, the Brazilian "Dubai."


  • ADDRESS:  1297 Osmar Gaya Street, Meia Praia - Zipcode: 88372-900 - Navegantes/SC
  • GROSS LEASABLE AREA (ABLC, in Portuguese): 771m², representing 6.4% of the Passenger Terminal, distributed on the ground and first floors.
  • AIRPORT SITE: 3.292.738,91 m²
  • AIRCRAFT YARD: 20.700 m² (commercial aviation); Yard 2: 5,494 m² (general aviation and helicopters) Yard 3: 6,375 m² (general aviation)
  • AIRCRAFT PARKING: Yard 1: 7 positions C or 6 positions C + positions alternating with patio 3 Yard 2: 4 positions B or 4 positions H Yard 3: 2 positions B or 4 positions B (alternating positions with yard 1)
  • PASSENGERS CAPACITY/YEAR: 3,5 million approximately/year
  • TAXIWAY: 2 taxiways
  • VEHICLE PARKING: 346 spots


The 1970s
1970 - The current Navegantes International Airport originated with constructing the runway and parking yard for small aircraft on Real Fazenda land, located on the coast of the state of Santa Catarina, three kilometers from the downtown Navegantes. On the afternoon of March 12, 1970, at 4 pm, Varig's PP - VDT airplane, with a capacity for 30 passengers, made the first landing at Navegantes Airport, which was still called Itajaí Airport.
1978 - In October 1978, the then President of the Republic, Ernesto Geisel, inaugurated the new runway, expanded to 1,701m in length, capable of handling Boeing 737s and Airbus A320s. The patio was also increased, and the passenger terminal was expanded. On this date, the name of the airfield changed to Navegantes Airport.

The 1980s
1980 - On January 17, 1980, the technical, administrative, and operational transference of Navegantes Airport to Infraero took place.

The 2000s
2002 -  Law No. 10.634, of December 30, 2002, named the place Navegantes Airport - Ministro Victor Konder, after the politician from Santa Catarina. He was a state congressman and transport minister during Washington Luís' government.
2004 - The passenger terminal underwent a new renovation, completed in July 2004, with the expansion of the constructed area from 1,850m² to 5,200m² and the international departure and arrival area. In the same year, it became international on October 18, 2004. It had its inaugural flight in the segment on December 26 with the Bolivian airline, Loyd Aéreo Boliviano, bringing 156 passengers from Santa Cruz de La Sierra to visit the tourist attractions in the region.

The 2010s
2011 - In November 2011, the International Airport of Navegantes - Ministro Victor Konder exceeded the mark of one million passengers.
2014 - On May 9, 2014, the second taxiway at Navegantes - Ministro Victor Konder International Airport began operating, allowing for more agility and safety in the airfield's operations.

The 2020s
2021 - In May 2021, Infraero made official the delivery of the renovation, expansion, and modernization works of the Passenger Terminal of the International Airport of Navegantes/Ministro Victor Konder (SC), besides a new Control Tower. R$61.7 million were invested, with resources coming from the National Civil Aviation Fund (Fnac). The new terminal practically tripled in size, and the departure lounge gained an area almost five times larger. The improvements included: a new international departure lounge, air conditioning of the entire terminal, installation of new baggage reclaim conveyors, elevators and escalators, new restrooms, and expansion of the check-in area.
Source: Infraero

2021 - The Federal Government held the 6th Round of Airport Concessions, in which the CCR Group won the bidding for the airports of the Southern and Central Groups, including Navegantes Airport.
2022 -  Start of operations at CCR Aeroportos