Getting In and Out

Check the airport access options.

Company: Cooperpalmas
Location: Marquise Passenger terminal
Hours of operation: 24h
Phones: -
Website: -

Company: Empresa Viacap - Line: - Aeroporto/Estação Aureny III
Location/Boarding: Passengers terminal
Opening hours: 6AM to 11:15PM
Line: Aeroporto/Estação Aureny III
Phone: +55 (63) 3217-9393
Website: -

  • From the airport you can go wherever you want:
  • 17-minute drive from Praia do Brefo
  • 18-minute drive from Praia do Caju
  • 18-minute drive to Paintball and Airsoft Arena Bravo
  • A 21-minute drive from Hospital Palmas Medical (Emergency Care)
  • A 23-minute drive from Cesamar Park
  • 23-minute drive from Praça dos Girassóis
  • 23-minute drive to Arnaud Rodrigues Convention Center
  • 26-minute drive to Ilha Canela Beach
  • A 16-minute drive from Araguaia Palace
  • 29-minute drive to Praia Graciosa 
  • A 39-minute drive from Five Senses Resorts
  • 50-minute drive from Balneario Belcar